About Livery Livelihood

As a person with a lifelong fascination with all things aviation, plane spotting has always been an interest of mine. After discussing this with several friends and family members over the years, I’ve realized the lack of knowledge about the topic.

The opportunity to complete a project of this scale arose in spring 2018 when I was enrolled in JRMC 7012 Emerging Media Storytelling. I knew immediately that this was the topic for me.

Going into this project, I had one goal: to easily be able to explain what the art of plane spotting was. I had huge ambitions going into this project, I wanted to get interviews from dozens of spotters, photos from several airports, and video from all over the world. Though the scale of work was a bit over my actual capability level, I am incredibly proud of the work I have accomplished.

I still have several interested parties who want to be interviewed for this project, and I will continue to interview them and update this story as such. For each person I interview additionally, I will add a new page under “The People,” while both “The Art” and “The #avgeeks” will remain in tact.

About Ian Webb

My name is Ian Webb and I am a Master’s student at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. I am also the Content Marketing Specialist for the UGA Office of Online Learning.

I am a dual-citizen between the United States and the United Kingdom and I grew up flying back and forth between the two nations. Spending the better part of my childhood in airports and airplanes, I grew to have a fascination with the aviation industry. Now as a Master’s student, I am studying Journalism & Mass Communication with particular project focus on the aviation and travel/tourism industries.

Fun aviation facts about me (since 2012)

  • My favourite airline is British Airways
  • My favourite airport is a tie between London Heathrow and Barcelona El Prat
  • My favourite long haul aircraft is the Boeing 787
  • My favourite short haul aircraft is the Airbus A320
  • I have taken 63 flights
  • Those 63 flights equal 106,345 miles (or 171,146 kilometers)
  • I have spent 266 hours and 37 minutes in the air
  • My most traveled airports are Atlanta (41), Edinburgh (15), and London Heathrow (15)
  • My top flown airlines are British Airways (16), Delta (13), and Southwest (12)
  • My top flown aircraft are the Boeing 737-700 (11), Boeing 757 (10), and Airbus A320 (5)

Questions? Comments?

Do you have questions about this project? Feedback for me? Are you a spotter yourself and would like to be interviewed to be included? Feel free to drop me a line! 

iw [at] uga dot edu